Mix Up a Case and Save with Roberson Wine

We always want to give our customers the best value we can. That means great, hand-selected wines, and it also means great prices. When you shop online or in our Kensington store you'll notice that most wines have three different prices:

  • The regular bottle price
  • The 10% off price, which you get when your order totals 6-11 bottles
  • The 15% off price, which you get when your order totals 12 or more bottles*

Fine Wine and wines already on special offer are excluded and you'll only see one price for those, but you can still use them to make up your case and save on the rest. It's the total number of bottles purchased that matters.

So what are you waiting for? Choose your own selection today from a range of over 1,000 eligible wines or stock up on whole cases of your favourites - either way you'll now always get the best price available.


Fine Wine doesn't come with any additional discount, but that doesn't mean it isn't still great value. Because we think everybody should be able to try the world's greatest wines without it costing the earth, we price all our Fine Wine the same right across the board. So whether you're a customer buying a single bottle or a restaurant ordering dozens of cases, you'll get the same great price.

And don't forget, you can use Fine Wine to make up your mixed case and still save on the rest of your selection. So if you fancy trying something really special, you can.

Got more questions? See the Prices and Discounts section of our FAQs page for the answers.

*Champagne is excluded from the 15% discount, but you still save 10% on all Champagne bought as part of a total purchase of six bottles or more.

Mixed cases of wine at Roberson