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Clos or Faux? The Clos-Ste-Hune Vertical

Usually, as host, Mark will do the research for our tastings. But with him away and revelling in a well-earned holiday all the way up to the day of the event, this time it was down to me to gather the knowledge to be imparted to our 16 lucky guests (this tasting sold out almost […]
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A Brief History of Everything… Gin

Some Background It’s that time of year again. Walking past leafy west London pubs the smell of London Pride is slowly being usurped by that quintessentially British summer smell, juniper. The history of gin is quite simple. Back in the 11th century Italian monks began flavouring otherwise ghastly white spirit with juniper berries. After a […]
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An Italian Tour Through Roberson’s Shelves Part 2 – The South

Kicking off this week with round two of my ‘focus on Italy’ blog entries. We always seem to taste these wines in the shop and wonder why we all don’t drink more Italian wine. Perhaps we look elsewhere for great value everyday wines, or we just don’t know enough about the great regions of Italy. […]
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An Italian Tour Through Roberson’s Shelves Part 1 – The North

No other country confuses the wine lover as much as Italy – renowned for its rich variety of wine styles, micro-climates and indigenous grape varieties (of which there are 350 authorised to be used in wine production). Before you plunge into your Gambero Rosso, pull out your Wine Atlas or search the big wide internet […]
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Don’t Say the ‘B’ Word – What to Drink with Your Summer Barbecue

I might be jumping the gun a bit here, but as a self-confessed barbecue addict I will pretty much have one whenever the sun is out. So when we had a rare warm snap in February, the coals came out. Of course, the joy of such an event has nothing to do with the fact […]
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