Champagne Revolutionaries

Champagne - it’s flash, it’s a luxury and it’s all about the brand. Isn't it? As big names with huge marketing budgets fight to get their wines into the hottest clubs, and their advertising becomes increasingly opaque until it resembles that of perfume, there is a revolution taking place around them. Small producers, focused on quality, who want to make something special, are producing amazing Champagne that outclasses the big names. Their labels aren’t recognisable from film franchises or global sporting events, but they don’t need to be - what’s in the bottle does the talking, and these Champagnes taste so good that they’re truly memorable. We’ve blind-tasted them against the Champagnes you see everywhere, and we’re 100% convinced. That’s why our range now brings together the best of these Champagne revolutionaries.

Henri Dosnon Brut Sélection, Champagne Dosnon £25 Case of 12 £255
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Récolte Noire, Blanc de Noirs, Champagne Dosnon £35 Case of 12 £357
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Récolte Brute, Extra Brut, Champagne Dosnon £37 Case of 12 £378
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Grand Cru Brut Rosé, Egly-Ouriet £80 Case of 6 £432
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