The Languedoc's hand-crafted, highly individual regional philosophy finds no finer example than at Domaine Peyre Rose; a wonderfully wild and rugged tract of vineyard land, nestled between Toulouse and Montpellier.

Considered by Languedoc aficionados to be an unofficial Grand Cru of the region, Peyre-Rose offers up what the Wine Advocate describes as "rich, character filled and absolutely singular" wines.

While not inexpensive, they compare favourably with exceptional wines from Bordeaux and the northern Rhone many times the price, presenting similar complexity and capacity to age. In addition, the wines are produced without commercial compromise; aged for up to ten years at the domaine prior to release, bottled only when the winemaker feels they have arrived at the peak of their drinking.

Unfortunately, all this results in tiny levels of production and what little we have of Peyre Rose is never sufficient to satisfy demand.


Oro 2002, Domaine Peyre Rose

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Peyre Rose Oro is a fascinatingly distinctive white wine, aged for an extended period at the estate and release only when considered by the winemaker to be fully mature. Absolutely unique to the Languedoc and a breath of fresh air in an increasingly homogenised world.

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