About Us

As London’s leading fine wine merchant, we have years of experience in handling gifts and events for a wide range of companies across the country and, increasingly, abroad.


  • If you need a gift chosen carefully, packaged attractively and delivered quickly, Roberson Wine is the perfect choice.
  • With a world-class list of over 1500 wines and Champagnes we can select the perfect gift for any budget.
  • We stock a large range of gift packaging including wooden boxes for varying numbers of bottles. Personalised gift cards are included free of charge.
  • If you’re looking for a gift for a special birthday, we stock a range of wine, port and brandy from anniversary vintages.
  • We also deliver anywhere on the UK mainland within two working days, subject to stock availability.
  • We can deliver quickly throughout the U.K. and to many other destinations worldwide.

Events / In-House Catering

  • We have been supplying the U.K.’s most prestigious events and corporate dining companies for years.
  • Our experienced team understands the need for prompt communication and fast, efficient delivery.
  • We have one of the finest wine lists in the world, from exceptional house wines offering matchless quality at their price level, to the rare and exceptional vintages at the very pinnacle of the fine wine scale.
  • We offer friendly and expert advice on wines to suit any menu and budget in any quantity.
  • Our 30% sale or return policy means you won’t ever need to worry about your event running dry.

Contact us today to ask about any of the above, what else we can offer and setting up and account.