Bordeaux 2011 En Primeur

With reams of information already written, or in the pipeline, by professional critics, we are not going to bore you with a full report on Bordeaux 2011. Suffice to say that a warm, dry spring gave the vines an early start to the season, resulting in a healthy crop of small berries. This was followed by an unsettled summer with regular bouts of light rain, leading to a high incidence of disease that pressured many to harvest earlier than they would have liked. Those that could afford to wait lost significant volumes of fruit, however what was harvested was concentrated and balanced, resulting in wines of real finesse, with a strong backbone of ripe, fine tannins. Those that harvested early produced fresh wines with lovely fruit, however many show tough, hard tannins that may never resolve.

More so than usual in Bordeaux, choosing carefully is the key in 2011 - there are both spectacular wines and underperformers. It was a year for tannin, and those who managed it well have made wines that will mature beautifully. Those that did not will find their wines remain tough for decades, with many never coming into balance.

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