The Jonquères family can trace its history back to the fifteenth century. While their fortified wines have been renowned for many years, it's only in the past 15 years that their tables wines are gaining a similar reputation. Located just south of Perpignan, the terroir always showed great potential, and the newest head of operations, 30 year old William, is continuing to make wines that are hugely exciting.

The estate measures around 40 hectares of which the majority is planted with Grenache, used to make the exceptionally good value Côtes-du-Roussillon wine. There are also small amounts of Muscat, Carignan, Syrah and a tiny bit of Mourvèdre. On their other estate they have some international varietals.

Large amounts of award-winning Muscat and Rivesaltes are made here, which more than hold their own against other sweet wines at the same price point, and higher. The sad fact is that fortified wines are not very fashionable these days and Rivesaltes seems to be a forgotten gem. Even more of a reason to snap it up at these ridiculous prices.

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Château de Corneilla - a chosen few from us

Côtes-du-Roussillon Jonqueres d'Oriola 2012, Château de Corneilla, 75cl  bottle

Côtes-du-Roussillon Jonqueres d'Oriola 2012, Château de Corneilla

From £11.01

As well as making great fortified wines, Château de Corneilla can turn their hand to excellent reds with great regional character. Good strength, length and complexity for a great price.

Rivesaltes 2000, Château de Corneilla, 75cl  bottle

Rivesaltes 2000, Château de Corneilla

From £16.11

Rivesaltes is a fortified wine similar to tawny Port but made in the Roussillon. Château de Corneilla is an ancient producer and the wines are stunning. Great with salty blue cheese or chocolate desserts.

Muscat de Rivesaltes 2013, Château de Corneilla, 75cl  bottle

Muscat de Rivesaltes 2013, Château de Corneilla

From £12.71

Château de Corneilla has had plenty of practice to perfect their technique (they have been making wine since 1485). Their Muscat is harvested at night, ensuring it is delicate, bright, floral and sweet.

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