Arbin Mondeuse Terres Brunes 2021
André & Michel Quenard

Arbin Mondeuse Terres Brunes 2021
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Even if the ski season has (more or less) finished, there’s no reason not to enjoy this fruity, gamey and vibrant wine all year round. Mondeuse is an indigenous grape that will remind you of other cool grape varieties such as Gamay, Zweigelt or Schiopettino. Perfect for spring, the wine shows delicate notes of forest fruits - such as wild strawberries and raspberries – along with a hint of forest floor, held together with beautiful earthiness. Don’t hesitate to open it 30 minutes before pouring. You can serve it slightly chilled and it’ll go perfectly with a cheese and charcuterie style of dinner (or tartiflette, of course…). For my top suggestion, though, I think this Mondeuse would be perfect with a traditional “pate en croute” or game pie. Quite an undertaking to make at home but if you fancy having a go, look at the recipe from Jason Atherton, who serves it one of his best restaurants with different types of mustard and pickle - and also with fresh pink radish. A great combination of richness in the pie and acidity in the pickles to balance with the wine…just delightful.

Arbin Mondeuse Terres Brunes 2021
Andre & Michel Quenard stoney-house with snowy mountains in the background

André & Michel QuenardSavoie

The Savoie region must be one of the most beautiful wine regions in France, and sadly often overlooked. Where else will you find snow capped mountains, rolling hills, wild streams and plentiful wildflowers surrounding your vineyards?

Andre & Michel Quenard farm 22 hectares of very steep, terraced vineyards around Chignin.…

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