Bubbles with Personality

Published by Simon Huntington on 28/11/2018

What's your Champagne Personality?

Ever wondered what style of Champagne suits your personality? Take our quiz and find out.

Once you've established your personality fit, follow the links to find the Champagnes that match.

Select one answer for each scenario:

1. You’re meeting a new partner’s parents for the first time. What do you wear?

  • A: Whatever’s clean will do.
  • B: My outfit will be well-chosen, beautiful, and express my personality.
  • C: Anything Gucci or Prada.
  • D: A bespoke, crisply-pressed, Saville Row suit.

2. You’re upgrading your mobile phone. What do you go for?

  • A: My Nokia 3310 still works fine, and I see no reason to change.
  • B: My upgrade plan means that I always have the latest iPhone.
  • C: Whatever has the best camera – my thousands of followers demand quality selfies.
  • D: I own a mobile, but only switch it on when I want to call somebody.

3. Where do you like to eat out?

  • A: There’s a fantastic small restaurant around the corner from where I live. I know the owner and she usually offers me a glass of something on the house.
  • B: I’m always at the latest launch. I’ve eaten there before the critics have even heard of it.
  • C: The more Michelin stars the better.
  • D: I usually book a private room at the Gavroche.

4. You’re going to see a movie. What do you pick?

  • A: Why pay £15 to listen to people scoff popcorn? I’d rather curl up on the sofa with a classic Robert De Niro.
  • B: I’m a member of an exclusive pop-up film club.
  • C: If there aren’t explosions, I’m not interested.
  • D: Movies are books for people who lack patience and imagination.

5. You’re planning a holiday. What do you book?

  • A: Cornwall or Scotland. Why go abroad when there are so many beautiful parts of the UK?
  • B: The best adventures are unplanned. I'll find out where I'm going when I get there.
  • C: A fabulous villa in Mykonos. Preferably somewhere close to Scorpios Beach Club.
  • D: We have a family house in the south of France. Good food, good wine and good times.

6. You’re going to a music festival. Where will your friends find you?

  • A: I always set up an area at the top of the slope. You can see the stage and enjoy the music without getting too crowded.
  • B: I’m friends with one of the bands and they always get me a backstage VIP access pass.
  • C: Stage-diving anyone?
  • D: Music festival? You mean Glyndebourne, right?

7. Money is no object. What type of car do you buy?

  • A: Something German, but nothing too flashy. Reliability is more important than 0-60.
  • B: Ownership is such a "20th Century" way of thinking about things.
  • C: A Lamborghini Huracan Performante.
  • D: I wouldn’t trade my 1961 Jaguar E-Type for anything.

8. You’re buying a house. Where’s the new pad?

  • A: Somewhere with good schools and an easy commute.
  • B: There’s a polyamorous co-habitation space I’m looking into. I’m interested in new ways of living.
  • C: The important thing is that there’s space to land a helicopter.
  • D: One doesn’t buy houses. One simply looks after them for the next generation.


Mainly As: You enjoy the finer things in life, but you’ve an eye for a bargain. Big brand bling and marketing spiel don’t impress you. Try Henri Dosnon or Veuve Borodin, each of which offer superb, artisan-producer quality at 'Tuesday night' prices.

Mainly Bs: You’re a trend setting early adopter and an independent thinker. You’re never afraid to experiment and discover new things. Try Artéis and Co. Brut 2004 or Dosnon Recolte Noire. Each of these are from smaller producers you may not have heard of, but offer an interesting spin on typical Champagne styles.

Mainly Cs: You have a big personality and aren’t afraid to share it with the world. You enjoy the best of everything and aren’t afraid to pay for what you want. If you want the best, regardless of price, try Bollinger's La Grande Année or Dom Pérignon 2009. Each offers exquisite quality that's hard to beat.

Mainly Ds: You’ve got great taste and you know quality when you see it. You’re understated, quietly confident, and your friends know they can always trust your recommendations (if they can afford them of course…). Try Egly-Ouriet Brut Tradition or Jacques Selosse 'Sous le Mont'. These are amongst the finest examples of small grower Champagnes, made without compromise for the true aficionado.

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