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The Bottle is dead long live the can

Well not quite but...

We have been keeping an keen eye on the emerging wine-in-can scene that is a true success story in California and has reached the shores of the UK and South Africa. Now many boutique wineries and top producers around the world use the can format as the perfect vessel to showcase a range of wines. 

Love - Broc Cellars

Fresh out of the US, LOVE RED from our friends at Broc Cellars comes in a stylish sleeve and at 375ml is the perfect half portion for a mid week treat. But no half measures are taken when it comes to the wine - a perfect blend of 85% Valdiguié, 14% Zinfandel and a splash of Trousseau. Broc's 'Love' concept is to show some love to the older and forgotten vines of California. Now you can try these delicious wines inspired by the past but canned for the future.

Unsurprisingly wine-in-can has had great success in the warmer parts of the world such as Australia and South Africa. The can makes perfect sense for the outdoor lifestyle, a BBQ in the park or sundown with friends on the beach. Lightweight, quick to cool down, single serve portion sizes, no fuss with glasses and corkscrews, just click and enjoy. Perhaps there is a cultural element too - The New World is much less set in its ways, unlike their European counterparts who are sometimes unwilling to break from tradition. 

CURATOR CAN - A. A. Badenhorst

It is not just America getting in on the canned wine train - highly respected and skilled wine makers the world over are turning to the tin. A.A. Badenhorst an innovative and skilled wine making based in Swartland South Africa has a series of wines for our enjoyment - offering a red, white and rosé all in canned form don't be fooled by the playful and casual nature of the wines, they are still made to the same high quality as the rest of his range. 


And of course much closer to home our very own LDN CRU team have brought to market their new and exciting canned project - LDN SPRITZ.  A super refreshing and gently spritzed white wine. There is never a bad time to crack open a can of wine and in such an practical to store and transport format the glass of wine has never been easier to enjoy - head to our canned wines and crack one. 

London Spritz can


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