How to Taste Wine Like a Pro 24/7

How To Taste Wine Like A Pro

Tasting Wine:

Every wine lover ‘tastes’ wine each time they pour themselves a glass and take a sip, but if you want to learn more about wine, you might want to go along to an organised wine tasting.

Wine tastings are a great way to discover what you truly enjoy, because they’re an opportunity to taste lots of different wines in one venue, comparing the taste of one wine against another. A wine that you might think tastes completely delicious at first sip might appear less interesting when tasted alongside other similar wines and vice versa.

And if all else fails, you can always meet a bunch of like-minded wine-lovers and make some new wine tasting friends.

Where to taste wine

Roberson hosts tours and tastings in our own winery, London Cru - you could check out our wine tastings schedule and come along, but most independent wine merchants will host a wine tasting for their customers at least once or twice a year.

Try visiting your local independent wine shop and get talking to the staff – most people who work in wine shops love talking about wine – so don’t be afraid to enquire. Ask them if they have any wine tastings coming up, and you can join their mailing list for future notifications.

Alternatively, why not host your own wine tasting? You could invite some wine-loving friends and get everyone to bring along a bottle that fits a certain theme, such as Provence Rosé or Malbec.

How to Taste Wine Like a Pro

Hosting or going along to a wine tasting for the first time can be a bit daunting. Will everyone have to spit out their wine? What’s that thing that people do when they slurp a wine to bring out the flavour? Are you meant to sniff the cork?

Watch our 24/7 video on how to taste wine like a pro, and in just 24 seconds and 7 words, you too can look like a professional taster when you go along to your first wine tasting.

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