Make Mine a Half

Published by Marc Ditcham on 08/05/2013

If I had a pound for every time someone made the unfounded presumption that my job automatically gives me carte blanche to drink wine all day, I would be a few quid better off.  Contrary to the shared belief held by my family, friends and the rest of the U.K. populace, working in the wine trade does not automatically make you a consummate imbiber of all things alcoholic. This is not to say that the opportunity to immerse oneself with alcohol on a daily basis is far from hand – there are a myriad number of tastings and sample bottles continuously doing the rounds.

Despite relatively easy access to alcohol I’ve just never been a big drinker. I can’t easily polish off a bottle of vino in one sitting – sad but true – and 750mls is 375mls too much for my delicate constitution, whether it’s a school night or the weekend. Unfortunately, my problem is not halved (excuse the pun) by using my fiancée to settle the balance, as she’s 9 months pregnant.

Purchasing a 75cl bottle therefore gives me an unwanted headache (before I even put glass to mouth) and an inner dialogue weighing up the pros and cons of buying a full bottle vs a half. In favour of the 75cl option we have the wide variety of choice, something that can never be replicated when it comes to halves. The relative cost of buying a 75cl against a half also warrants careful consideration and inner discourse – if I buy a half bottle at over half the price of a 75cl am I short-changing myself? A counter argument to this, however, is loss of quality experienced by returning to the same bottle a day or two later – no amount of argon or oxygenated pumping will make the wine as fresh as when it was first opened.

At Roberson we are proud of our small but succinct selection covering the majority of regions and styles. If you want stylish Chianti to go with your midweek pizza, a First Growth Bordeaux to accompany a filet mignon or a Muscat to soothe your post-meal sweet tooth, you will find it. So if, like me, you want a wine that satisfies your craving but doesn’t give rise to the 75cl dilemma, do like I do, and make yours a half.


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