California Stained Glass Grenache 2021
Enfield Wine Co.

California Stained Glass Grenache 2021
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"From 2 vineyards planted in deep sandy soil on opposite sides of the Sacramento River Delta, this is the embodiment of what makes Grenache on sand so special. It is pale, juicy, spicy and delicious, with effervescent tannins. Del Barba brings deep fruit to Abba's ethereal prettiness. Like my favourite Cru Beaujolais, it is crushable with a touch of seriousness." - John Lockwood

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California Stained Glass Grenache 2021
John Enfield Lockwood - Enfield Wine Co.

Enfield Wine Co. California

PRODUCER: enfield wine co.

REGION: california

WINEMAKER: john enfield lockwood

We do not subscribe to the ideal of the perfect wine, but to the notion that the very best wines tell a unique story.

Meet John Lockwood, a D.C. native who swapped guitar strings for grapevines. Moving to California to…

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Crafted from two distinct vineyards on opposite banks of the Sacramento River Delta

  • Grenache cultivated in the area's unique sandy soil, capturing the essence of what makes this varietal shine.
  • Effervescent tannins, a touch of seriousness, yet entirely crushable, evoking memories of esteemed Cru Beaujolais


  • pale, juicy, spicy and delicious, with refined tannins
  • rose petal, bergamot tea, dragon fruit, curry leaf, gorgeously aromatic with a plush, juicy palate and a vibrant finish


From 2 vineyards planted in deep sandy soil on opposite sides of the Sacramento River Delta.

Del Barba Vineyard, Lodi -

  • John sources old vine Grenache from the Del Barba family, Italian immigrants from the 1880s, who have nurtured their vineyard through six generations, including challenges like Prohibition and the pressures of the Bay Area's housing demand.

  • Remarkably, the Grenache at Del Barba is grafted onto time-tested zinfandel roots from the late 1800s

  • The vineyard boasts a unique soil composition: Delhi blow sand, a kind of decomposed granite, deposited over centuries by wind and water.
  • Despite the Delta region's inherent heat, Del Barba's vines thrive. Their roots delve over 40 feet deep, accessing underground water reserves, while daily afternoon breezes offer a refreshing cooldown

Abba Vineyard, Contra Costa -

  • Nestled in the historically rich Lodi region, Abba Vineyard is celebrated for producing Grenache that captures the elegance and finesse often likened to Pinot Noir.
  • The vineyard, under the care of the Abba family for generations, thrives in Lodi's consistent Mediterranean climate. With predictable sun-soaked days followed by refreshingly cool nights, the grapes mature beautifully.
  • This distinctive climate, especially when combined with early harvesting, results in Grenache wines that boast the floral delicacy found in cooler-climate Pinot Noirs, while also showcasing their inherent bright fruit and spicy undertones.

in the winery

  • 2/3 whole cluster fermentation in stainless steel with regular punch downs
  • Aged for 16 months in large puncheons


  • Ideal with duck confit, grilled lamb with rosemary, or a savoury mushroom risotto