Chardonnay 2017
Mount Eden Vineyards

Chardonnay 2017
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This excellent Chardonnay is considered one of California’s longest-lived white wines ... but you may find it hard to resist cracking it open at the first opportunity.

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Chardonnay 2017
 Mount Eden Vineyards grape baskets at harvest

Mount Eden VineyardsMeet the Maker

Winery History
Mount Eden Vineyards is, without question, one of California’s most important and historic winemaking estates.  Originally planted by legendary (not to mention maverick) winemaker Martin Ray back in the 1940s, Mount Eden has been witness to its fair share of joy, disaster and intrigue over the years.

Since 1981…

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  • Fine underlying acidity; fresh lemon and mineral flavours are backed up with hazelnut and anise.
  • The Mount Eden Chardonnay comes from vines propagated from a Burgundian selection.
  • The juice is barrel fermented; it is then cellared for two years before release.
  • This will be best enjoyed five to ten years after release.
  • This wine would be delicious with a crab salad.

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