Circle of Life Stellenbosch Red Blend 2019

Circle of Life Stellenbosch Red Blend 2019
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This characterful South African blend from Waterkloof. Combines the spiciness of Syrah, the fresh fruits of Petit Verdot, the juiciness of Merlot, and the elegance of Cabernet Franc.

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Circle of Life Stellenbosch Red Blend 2019

Waterkloof is a family-owned, organic, biodynamic, and WWF Biodiversity Champion farm situated high up on the windswept Schapenberg in Stellenbosch. Their commitment to biodynamic farming and minimal intervention winemaking is evident in the Circle of Life range, which aims to showcase the diverse terroir characteristics and grape varieties found on the estate. 

The Region
With its picturesque vineyards nestled against striking granite mountains, Stellenbosch is the vibrant heart of winemaking in the country. Home to the prestigious University of Stellenbosch, it is a hub of wine education and innovation. As the most developed winelands and a centre of wine tourism, Stellenbosch showcases the rich heritage, natural beauty, and exceptional wines that define South African viticulture. Just like Napa is to Californian wine, Stellenbosch stands as an iconic symbol of South African wine excellence.