Cuveé Monsignori Assyrtiko 2018
Estate Argyros

Cuveé Monsignori Assyrtiko 2018
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Estate Argyros is one of the oldest wineries on the island of Santorini since it was founded in 1903, making full use of its 200 year old vines and artisan production style to produce this sublime wine.

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Cuveé Monsignori Assyrtiko 2018
  • Pale lemon green colour and complex aromas of lemon, grapefruit, orange peel, green apple, honey, and peach. Rich mouth with sharp acidity and full body.
  • 100% Assyrtiko - the climate on the island of Santorini is hot Mediterranean, with very little rainfall during the growing season but plenty of sunlight and fierce winds to help the grapes reach their full potential!
  • Estate Argyros is a leading estate of Greece, the premier private vineyard owner on the island of Santorini as well as one of the oldest wine families in the country, continuously producing amazing wines for more than 110 years.
  • Pairs perfectly with grilled fish, seafood, or chicken dishes.
  • Can age for up to 10 years!