Fridge Door Whites

What’s your tactic for fast-chilling a bottle when a rando friend drops by and wants a glass of white?

Stick it in the freezer? Run it under a cold tap? Chuck a couple of ice cubes in the glass?

Much better to already have something light, fresh and crisp sat in the fridge, ready for action.

But why does it always have to be the same boring old Marlborough Sauvignon or Pinot Grigio? Try one of these inexpensive, but completely delicious, beauties instead.

Battista Chardonnay Rubicone 2016

£13 BUY 12+ £11.70
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Hillside White
Viano Vineyards

£14 BUY 12+ £12.60
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Chancery Lane English Chardonnay 2017
London Cru

£15 BUY 12+ £13.50
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