Cabernet Sauvignon, like Chardonnay, is now a truly international grape variety. It produces wine which varies enormously in quality and style but which always carries a distinctive signature - albeit one that spans a range of flavours from blackcurrant to cedar. Its home, of course, is Bordeaux, where it is the most important grape variety on the left bank and hence the principle ingredient in the world’s most famous red wines. In marginal climates (like Bordeaux) the wine may well need a long time in the bottle to soften out. Because it is potentially quite harsh it is very often blended, especially with the other great red grapes of Bordeaux - Cabernet Franc and Merlot.

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Alter Ego de Château Palmer 2009, Château Palmer


Palmer is undoubtedly one of the greatest estates in Bordeaux, and this wine, the Alter Ego de Palmer, is described by its maker as an 'alternative expression of the same terroir' (at a much lower price).

Made in a more modern and approachable style than the top wine, this is an outstanding Bordeaux in its own right, and does not require the many years of ageing that its older sibling needs to become enjoyable.

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