Winery History
Dating all the way back to 1770, the Château Moncets estate was home to their oldest vineyards and was named after the General de Moncets who bought it in 1872. Centuries passed and in 2012, the storied estate was repurchased by a young French family from Brittany. Since then, the vines and cellars have since been fully renovated and rehabilitated in order to sustain the estate and thus integrate into it a second vineyard, Château de Chambrun. The aim is to transform these historic vineyards into one of the best estates in Lalande de Pomerol. 

Viticulture/Winemaking Style
In the vineyards, the estate have already converted to farming ‘Lutte Raisonnée’ and adopted sustainable farming techniques, with a strong focus on increasing biodiversity at the estate. They have also enlisted the help of star winemaker Michel Rolland, who made his name in the winery next door to Chambrun. The investment isn’t only in the vineyard; the winery has also been completely renovated. The aim is to limit the impacts of climate change, without compromising the unique terroir expressions of these vineyards. Building a gravity fed winery was an important part of the development; this minimises the risk of having bruised grapes that can oxidise. All the vineyards are hand harvested; this means the picking is rigorous and only the best clusters are picked and sent to the winery.

Château Moncets is the entry level wine and comes from a superb 40-year-old 14 hecatre vineyard planted on clay soils. The Château Moncets spends 16 months in French oak barrels. The star wine is the Château Chambrun which comes from a smaller 6.8-hectare vineyard. This vineyard is planted on the sandy, gravelly soils with the clayish subsoil most synonymous with Pomerol.

Grape Varieties
Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc

Fun Fact
The Chateau Chambrun property was established between WWI and WWII by the Cholet family when it was known as “Clos de Chambrun”, a name originating from one of the plots called “Champ Brun” or “Brown Field” in English.

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