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France exerts such a strong influence on the wine world that almost everybody making wine has a style of French wine in mind while they’re doing it (even if that’s only because they’re trying to produce something completely different). The classic French regions still provide the benchmarks for wines made from the most popular grape varieties, and all the competition has done French wine good. There are now a host of small producers in lesser-known areas thinking much more carefully about what they do, and doing it better. There are some amazing bargains to be had if you (or your wine company) know where to find them.

Italy now offers one of the most interesting, varied and unique ranges of quality wine in the world. But it wasn’t always this way. Not long ago, Italian wine was best known for being mass produced and cheap, but the era of the Supertuscan in the 1990s and early 2000s saw a new wave of quality wine, albeit made outside the traditional rules and regulations in the new ‘international’ style. From there, we have now arrived at a revival of traditional Italian grape varieties and regions, and there is a new focus on quality, small artisan winemakers and the astonishing regional diversity that only Italy can offer.


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The New World remakes the classic European wines in its own image.

The U.S.A. is perhaps, at last, entering a golden age for wine. Since the first European settlers introduced vines from Europe (the native American vines they found produced wine with an unpleasant ‘foxy’ taste) the industry has been beset with difficulties including a great many vine diseases (especially Phylloxera, the pest the kills the vine species known in Europe) and Prohibition. Across this vast country, wine is produced in wildly different conditions. Most significant is California, but further north Oregon and Washington are becoming increasingly important, and on the west coast in New York and Virginia quality is soaring. In fact, every state now produces some wine and the publi...

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Source of some great value wines packed with fruit flavour.

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The best of Old and New World styles from the world's most beautiful vineyards.

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Ancient home of the vine and now some outstanding modern wineries.

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