Piedmont is the greatest region of northern Italy for wine. It is home to the Nebbiolo grape variety and the two best wines it produces - Barolo and Barbaresco. The best wines made from Nebbiolo are at the same time elegantly perfumed and powerfully structured. They improve with many years of bottle age and are perfectly suited to the earthy, autumnal food of the region. As well as Nebbiolo, Piedmont also has Barbera and Dolcetto. Barbera makes a deliciously tangy red, and Dolcetto a plumper, more straightforward wine. Piedmont’s best-known whites are made from Moscato. Moscato d’Asti is a lightly sparkling dessert wine which in the right hands can be of very fine quality.

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Barbaresco 'Asili' 2015, Bruno Giacosa


This Barbaresco 'Asili' is another superb wine by Giacosa. Arguably the best wine producer in Italy, anything with Giacosa on the label is pretty much guaranteed to be outstanding.

Bruno Giacosa learnt his craft from observing his grandfather. He tries to work in a more old-fashioned way, believing that wines are being ruined by the sophistication in technology and modern treatment of grapes.

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