L'Esprit de la Fontaine Blanc 2019
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L'Esprit de la Fontaine Blanc 2019
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L'Esprit de la Fontaine Blanc is an exceptionally good quality wine for its price - displaying elegance and subtlety that you might never expect to find for such a modest outlay.

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L'Esprit de la Fontaine Blanc 2019
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Terra VivaLanguedoc

Jean-Claude Zabalia was destined to be a maths teacher before he was knocked sideways by his love for a girl from Corbières. That girl later became his wife and inspired him to take up viticulture on her home ground. Today, with 30 years of experience, both as a winemaker and…

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  • The greatest takeaway from the tasting note is balance - there is harmony between the alcohol and natural acidity creating a wine that is extremely refreshing. 
  • A racy blend of grenache blanc and the occasionally tricky, but useful Clairette
  • The small parcels of vineyard grow on soil comprised of metamorphic schist. Creating a well drained stony, profile. 
  • Drinks whilst young.
  • Pair with fresh baked bread, and charcuterie.