Lagar de Brais 2020
Terra Minei

Lagar de Brais 2020
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Translated as 'Land of the Minho' in Latin, the name 'Terra Minei' refers to its place of origin. The winemaking process combines tradition and modern technology which, when combined with the combination of grape varieties used, achieves this delightful light-bodied wine which certainly deserves a place in anyone's wine collection.

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Lagar de Brais 2020
Terra Minei

Terra MineiSpain

Galicia in northwest Spain is home to the red and white DO Ribeiro (meaning riverbank), set amongst the river valleys of Miño. It is here that Terra Minei lies, in a region that had successfully exported wines to international markets from the Middle Ages before succumbing to phylloxera and replanting…

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  • Straw yellow with greenish tinges.  On the nose, soft aromas of fresh cut grass, green apple and citrus.  On the palate, light bodied with persistent finish and fresh acidity. 
  • This multi-varietal wine is made as a traditional blend of Treixadura, Torrontés, Godello and Palomino.
  • This winery was founded in 1956 in the Prado de Miño village. 
  • Pairs nicely with seafood, fresh fish or white meat.  
  • Can be enjoyed upon release.