Morgon 2020
Julien Sunier

Morgon 2020
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150cl magnum

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​A cut above, Sunier's Morgon is a much more structured wine than almost all other Beaujolais, and it comes from an organic certified vineyard.

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Morgon 2020
Julien Sunier smoke in vineyard

Julien SunierBeaujolais

There are few as passionate about the wines of Beaujolais as Julien Sunier. Originally from Dijon with no vineyards to his name, Julien has catapulted to wine stardom in a manner that take many others an entire lifetime. After cutting his teeth with the famous Christophe Roumier of Burgundy and…

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  • Fresh nose with flavours of cherry and red berries; dense and concentrated palate.
  • Wines are made following biodynamic principles.
  • The fruit is from vineyards located on sandy soils which bring extra power and finesse.
  • Delicious from release; could age for a further five to ten years.
  • Lovely with a bit of French charcuterie or vegetarian dishes containing butternut squash or sweet potato.