Oro 2007
Domaine Peyre Rose

Oro 2007
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Peyre Rose Oro is a fascinatingly distinctive white wine, aged for an extended period at the estate and release only when considered by the winemaker to be fully mature. Absolutely unique to the Languedoc and a breath of fresh air in an increasingly homogenised world.

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Oro 2007
Rows of vines on a sunny day at Domaine Peyre Rose

Domaine Peyre RoseLanguedoc

Every region has its stars and one of the Languedoc's brightest is Domaine Peyre Rose. Former real estate agent Marlene Soria stumbled across this beautiful property back in the late 1980s when she was showing it to a client - rather than sell it to them, she bought it herself!

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  • Pungently aromatic, with notes of toasted hazelnuts, quince, prunes and wild herbs
  • Rich, sappy flavours of nuts, honey, resin and minerals
  • Ultra-rare, sought-after blend of Vermentino (known locally as Rolle) and various other local grape varieties
  • Drink up to 5 years after release
  • Match with Chinese pork ribs, pâté, or veal in cream sauce