Pinot Gris Sparkling Rosé 2022
London Cru

Pinot Gris Sparkling Rosé 2022
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A lively, skin-contact sparkler made using perfectly ripe Pinot Gris grapes from West Sussex. A refined, copper-pink take on the popular London Cru Pét Nat. Easy drinking and very refreshing.

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Pinot Gris Sparkling Rosé 2022
London Cru Stainless Steal Tanks

London CruEngland

London Cru is Roberson's own wine brand. Operating from a former gin distillery, central London's first urban winery began production in 2013 by sourcing high quality grapes from the vineyards of selected growers across Europe. Now focusing on production of English wines, London Cru sources high quality grapes, hand picks…

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Made from perfectly ripe Pinot Gris grapes from West Sussex, this wine's charming pink-copper hue comes from a five-day maceration in concrete tanks. A unique fermentation, starting in concrete and finishing in stainless steel as well as egg tanks, gives it a subtle creamy texture. Early disgorging locks in zesty grapefruit and tropical fruit notes. This is a low intervention wine, the most natural in our range, wild and free spirited. *May contain wine diamonds, serve extra chilled.

How it tastes

Expect red berries, ripe apricot, and fizzy stone fruit flavours with a textured finish. It might even surprise you with natural wine diamonds. Best served extra chilled, it pairs well with everything from grilled peach salad to Thai cuisine and rhubarb tart.