Poysdorf Riesling 2020

Poysdorf Riesling 2020
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A 75cl bottle of Poysdorf Riesling 2020 by Ebner-Ebenauer. A white wine from Austria. Made from Riesling.

Poysdorf Riesling 2020
Marion Ebner and Manfred Ebenauer of Ebner-Ebenauer winery holding a glass and bottle of wine.


Meet Marion and Manfred Ebner-Ebenauer, an award-winning duo at the helm of Ebner-Ebenauer, nestled in Austria's Weinviertel. Famed for their diverse range of wines crafted from ancient vines spanning a 20-hectare estate, their commitment to spontaneous fermentation, and painstaking manual harvesting techniques, the couple has secured the title 'Winemakers of…

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