Récolte Noire Zéro Dosage
Champagne Dosnon

Récolte Noire Zéro Dosage
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Discover the intensity and expression of Pinot Noir in its purest form. This Zéro Dosage is produced from predominantly Pinot Noir which benefits from a combination of climate, geology and vine management to produce wines that are often highly sought after.

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Récolte Noire Zéro Dosage
Rows of vines and grape-picker at Dosnon vineyard

Champagne DosnonChampagne

Based in the Côte de Bars village of Avirey-Lingey, Dosnon Champagne (formerly Dosnon & Lepage) released their first wine from the 2007 vintage and immediately attracted attention from savvy wine buyers looking for the next star of the grower movement. Davy Dosnon had trained as a winemaker in Beaune and…

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  • Punctuated by flavours of apple, citrus fruits, brioche and toast.  
  • Produced 100% from grapes grown in the Côte des Bar, located in the southern part of the Champagne production area.
  • The non-vintage base wine from the 2015 harvest contains about 30% reserve wines from 2014 and 2013.
  • Enjoy alongside freshly shucked oysters.
  • Can be enjoyed upon release or can be cellared for several years.