Riesling 'Alte Reben' 2018

Riesling 'Alte Reben' 2018
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With vines that root themselves into the soils for at least 30 years before harvest, this single vineyard Riesling is an absolute delight. Organic viticulture has become an obligation for Marion and Manfred thanks to their extraordinary respect for nature, the soils and traditional vinification, and the authenticity that these bring to the wine.

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Riesling 'Alte Reben' 2018
Marion Ebner and Manfred Ebenauer of Ebner-Ebenauer winery holding a glass and bottle of wine.


Meet Marion and Manfred Ebner-Ebenauer, an award-winning duo at the helm of Ebner-Ebenauer, nestled in Austria's Weinviertel. Famed for their diverse range of wines crafted from ancient vines spanning a 20-hectare estate, their commitment to spontaneous fermentation, and painstaking manual harvesting techniques, the couple has secured the title 'Winemakers of…

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  • On the nose, notes of ripe pears and honeydew melon, delicate floral notes, some hazelnut and fine spicy mineral notes. On the palate juicy fruit, creamy, full-bodied.
  • The twenty hectares of the Ebner-Ebenauer estate are widely scattered in every possible direction around the town of Poysdorf in Lower Austria.
  • The architecture and atmosphere of the Ebner-Ebenauer estate can be described as rather Tuscan, built with heavy influences of life in the Mediterranean - there is a rather fairytale quality to this estate.  
  • Pairs delightfully with grilled asparagus, goats cheese salad or mixed seafood.  
  • Can be enjoyed upon release or can age for upwards of 5 years.