Sancerre Rosé 2022
Gerard et Pierre Morin

Sancerre Rosé 2022
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While we often associate rosé with Provence, Pinot Noir, given the right terroir, can yield some of the finest rosés out there, as seen in Sancerre. With a blend of limestone, terre blanche, and silex terrains, Morin's rosé is complex and versatile. The wine shines with wild fruit notes and hints of spice and pepper. Unlike its Provence counterparts, this rosé is drier and juicier with a lively acidity. Expect a crisp palate of firm wild berries, red cherries, raspberries, and a subtle green undertone.

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Sancerre Rosé 2022
Vines on steep slopes in the vineyards of Gerard et Pierre Morin.

Gerard et Pierre MorinLoire

Morin works with the ideology that great wine can only be made from low yields and grapes harvested by hand. In every vintage (with his severe pruning and selection at harvest); on average, Morin has a meagre 40 hl/ha. The proof is in the textured, terroir-driven Sancerre he produces. For…

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The Region

Bué is renowned as one of the most prestigious villages in the Sancerre appellation, celebrated for its steep, fine crus that create the perfect environment for structured and richly aromatic wines. The terroir, a blend of clay-limestone and gravelly topsoil, imbues the wines with a generous, fruity character, marked by a distinctive tang of blackcurrant leaf— a hallmark of Bué.

Food Pairings

This rosé is a versatile friend at the table. It's great with simple dishes like cured meats, cheeses, or even a hearty pâté terrine. The wine's red fruit notes - think raspberry and strawberry - pair well with spicy shrimp tacos or a light mango salad.