'Springvale' Riesling 2021

'Springvale' Riesling 2021
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Grosset is the go-to name for Clare Valley Riesling and therefore parcels of their wines are highly sought after. The Springvale vineyard is found at the regions highest elevation and the red loamy soil produces an open & accessible style with delicate fragrant characteristics.

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'Springvale' Riesling 2021
  • Very light & pale colour with fragrant aromas of floral bouquets, lavender and lime zest.
  • Dry, crisp and finely-structured citrus fruit, with spine-tingling mineral notes.
  • An ultra-clean, pristine, new-world expression of this classic grape variety.
  • 2021 is the first vintage to be certified biodynamic.
  • Higher acidities promise longevity - this could age up to 20 years.
  • Match with mixed sashimi, or Thai vegetable stir fry with ginger and lime.