Wine on tap

Already an important part of the on-trade wine offering in bars and restaurants across the United States, serving wine on tap is a rapidly growing trend in a number of other markets across the world, including the UK. The wines being served in this way bear no resemblance to the bag-in-box format seen in the past - this is a high quality way to serve high quality wine and many top wineries have already embraced wine in keg.

This innovative approach has numerous benefits for the consumer, the bar/restaurant, the distributor, the supplier and the environment, and it is considered by many leading authorities to be a trend that will change the way wine is served across the service industry.

Wine on tap benefits

  • Fresh, consistent, delicious wine for customers

    Inert gas and storage at a constant temperature retain freshness so there is no deterioration between the first and last pours. With lower dry goods costs and cheaper distribution, the wine makes up a much higher proportion of the price of each glass, meaning better wine for less money.

  • Easy to use with less waste for on-trade businesses

    Our Petainer kegs use standard industry fittings and are simple to use, change and dispose of. Once tapped they can be kept for many months - eliminating the need to throw wine away at the end of a shift. One keg holds 20 litres, the equivalent of nearly 27 bottles of wine in a third of the space, and creates a tiny fraction of the physical waste.

  • A simple way to deliver quality for producers

    Filling kegs is simple and takes a matter of minutes, with almost no risk of an error that will affect the condition of the wine. Wine on tap delivers a consistent product at an easily regulated serving temperature, so it reaches the customer in exactly the condition intended by the winemaker.

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"The enemies of wine are exposure to light, exposure to oxygen and termperature changes. We don't have any of those operational issues with wine on tap."

Nick Chambers, Rex & Mariano

Roberson Wine's full portfolio of products in keg stretches to over 50 wines, many of which are in stock now and available immediately. Prices start at c. £130 per 20 litre keg for house pours, up to £350+ for small production wines from artisanal producers. The range is always expanding, as increasing numbers of wineries understand the opportunity that wine in keg presents.

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